Monday, November 13, 2006

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Where We're @ exhibition at tactile bosch artspace Llandaff north Cardiff

Where We're @ exhibition at tactile bosch artspace Llandaff north Cardiff featuring:

Jo Berry, James Charlton, Barrie J Davies, Bryce Davies, Nathan Ford, Simon Griffiths, Athena Ioannidou, Andy Fung, Lindsey Leven, Alan Rees-Baynes, Philippa Robbins, Alun Rosser, Shayne Sawyer, Hannah Truran, Brian Watkins, Rosie Edwards, Tom Goddard, Becky Hardy, Faya Lloyd, Jayne Madox, Sian Williams, Becky Witmore.

Preview friday 17th nov 2006 7pm

Unlike the ocean that we know as the internet, where communication is as deep or as shallow as you wish to delve, and the limits are there are no limits, Where We're @ has come about from no chat room or long range email, rather several meetings face to face. We are not trying to deny the worth of the internet, but all the artists involved in this show do have one connection. That connection is the Kings Road Artist's Studio. Within this building all the networking for this show and each artist has a link to Kings Road. This closeness does mean that most of the artists are aware of each others work on an intimate level. The work chosen by each artist will be a recent piece that they are currently working on, hence Where We're @, but although so far there has been a reluctance to acknowledge the internet superhighway, each artist will be represented by their email address taking this intimate beginning on towards its next stage into the many increasing lanes of that highway.