Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The work of the artist barrie j davies

Once upon a time there was an conceptual artist born in Pembrokeshire, Wales, called
Barrie J Davies.

Barrie J Davies is an artist who has anarchically explored the absurdity of contemporary life working in his paintings, photographs, sculptures, poetry, videos, films, drawings, performance works, publications, badges, posters, signs, public interventions and written works.
He has exhibited his old unframed abstract paintings on paper and sold them for one pound each.
He organised an art pub crawl called "on the piss" designed as a focus for getting people together to talk about art while going out for a night around the pubs in Cardiff. Documentation of this event was posted on his website and for the people that came along they were each given a limited edition badge which said "on the piss with Barrie J Davies".
He has made a 'liberating' video work of releasing yellow bath-time ducks on to a lake alongside real ducks and swans to explore the man-made world against the natural world.
He has set up the world's first "Museum of Nothingness", a project designed to collect and preserve objects in a briefcase to which the public has donated to represent their idea of 'nothing' and 'nothingness'.
He has made many word and text based drawings and paintings which explore the ideas of contemporary art and its limitations.
He has put up temporary text based signs and posters around the city of Cardiff to explore the confusion that we face in moving around in our daily lives. They have been documented as photographs.
He has sold some artworks on Ebay when he has been strapped for cash.
He has organised an exhibition of art works by other artists in the bathroom of his flat, called "All Washed up!".
He has exhibited his collection of rejection letters from galleries for a ongoing project called "Rejected". This file of letters runs from 2002 to the present day.
Another one of his projects was to introduce the "Unlimited Print" which is an unlimited edition, ink on A4 paper print (2004), which is available to download free from his website as a word document.
For his latest artwork called "NO SMOKING", he is collecting as many cigarette butts as possible from the streets of Cardiff to make into the worlds largest cigarette butt sculpture to represent the death of smoking in today's increasingly cigarette-phobic society.

The artwork of Barrie J Davies explores the funny and the stupid things of life that make us laugh or get in the way or just get on our nerves or even make us fall over; they are always completely off the wall.

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