Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Barrie J Davies Ultimate Crap Music Album compact disc

“The Barrie J Davies Ultimate Crap Music Album compact disc”

This album could be a waste of money to buy, the waste of a compact disc and even a waste of time. Even the cover looks like it was designed by a U grade GCSE art student.

Making an album of musical tracks for many deejays and musicians is usually based on style, tunes, beats, timing, grooves, hype and lyrical content.

But the artist Barrie J Davies presents his premiere album of music and sonic art outside these contexts.

This album of eighteen tracks brings together the lo-fi psychedelic punk disco sounds from the gutter of the mind of Barrie J Davies to his public.

With songs about honey nut cornflakes, boredom, singing on the toilet, a computer turning off and why won’t Charles Saatchi buy his artwork.

This album, as stated in its title might be complete crap, but the artist Barrie J Davies does not care; it’s about getting things off his chest, voicing his ideas, hopes and fears but with a car boot sale techno disco beat.

This album is available from his bedroom recording label called
Barrie J Davies Home Tape Recordings and it is not available in shops because of its weird odd rare content, but it’s only available for sale on eBay to collectors of the weird and wonderful crap to enjoy.

Each copy of this album is signed and dated by the artist Barrie J Davies

“The Barrie J Davies Ultimate Crap Music Album”

Available on eBay now!

“If you have any brian cells you will spend your money on a pint of beer!” Harry the bin man of Roath

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